Spinning wheel restore!

Craigslist is a very dangerous place!

So while looking on Craigslist I came across an ad for and Ashford spinning wheel for 75.00. In the pictures was an Ashford Traditonal wheel in bad shape, a lazy kate and 3 bobbins. Of course my interest is peaked. I contact the seller. She tells me the wheel is cracked. She knows nothing about it or spinning wheels in general (obviously look at the price). So we make arrangements to meet so I can look at it.

Hands on the wheel!

Oh boy it is even worse than the Pictures. The center is completely cracked, all of the spokes are coming out, there is a crack all the way trough the outside of the wheel. There is water damage, a crappy stain job, paint splatters. The whole thing looks like it is about to fall apart if you breath on it the wrong way. Oh and RUST every piece of metal is rusted beyond belief. Apparently the seller buys foreclosed on storage units and this poor wheel has been sitting in a hot unit for who knows how long. The temperature extremes have caused the wood glue to deteriorate en-turn causing the whole thing to basically fall apart.


Freedom ride.It was a successful rescue! She is safe and coming home to be pampered, oiled, fixed and loved for the rest of her days.
E has already laid claim.

Whew I’m not sure fixing her is in my experience of doable, but Jeff assures me we can make her work again… oh and Miss E is already attached! Miss E wants her OWN wheel and this one is perfect ( in the 3 year old eyes)! So I offer 40.00 Seller counters with 50.00 and we load her up! Quick trip to Home Depot… Sand paper, stain, wood glue and a bunch of other crap for unrelated project’s… and home we go!

Before Pictures!

To be continued!



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