I try to keep an updated list of how to do chores….

Just in case we are out of town, or have to have someone feed in an emergency. I wrote out a chore list. Holy cow I never realized how much there was to it until I saw it written down!



Start water!

Tie 4 bucks in center of barn (green ropes)
Put 4 weathers in barn stall
Gather 8 rubber bowls
Tie Lexa (gray/white) to tree by water trough
Tie Annie (palomino) to tree by side gate
Tie Moose (bay no white) to tree down hill (green halter pink rope)
Tie Jolie (big red with blond mane and tail) to tree across from Moose (rope halter green rope)
Tie Juliet (Donkey) to pipe in center of the paddock (faded pink halter). Gather her bowl
Put Comet (bay with star, wearing green halter) in center pen (between pigs)


Horse feed!


horse feed

I like to set up the buckets…

Jack LG bucket. Then Jackie LG bucket, Cisco in Jackie’s bucket, Thunder in Cisco’s bucket.
Annie and Lexa together
Moose, Jolie and Juliet
Comet with the pigs

Feed horses.

Jack, Thunder, Jackie, Cisco, down the hill on other side of the fence. Feed Jack first (LG black plastic tub) then Thunder (shallow rubber dish) right beside him. Then Jackie (other LG black plastic tub), then Cisco.

Next Annie and Lexa (they eat slow)
Next Juliet, Jolie, Moose
Last Comet and the pigs


Roll a bale of hay out no more that every 3 days!



1 scoop corn, 1 scoop pig feed (powder, brown paper bag)

Feed Comet and the Pigs



2 scoops goat feed (in metal can), 1 scoop LG alfalfa pellet separated into 8 rubber bowls. Feed bucks/weathers

In LG bucket layer 3 1/2 scoops goat feed (in metal can) and 2 LG alfalfa pellet.
Feed 2 doe pens.

Nursery gets ¾ of the bucket separated into tubs in there pen.

Dry doe pen gets the rest in 2 long feed troughs.

½ scoop goat feed, ½ scoop alfalfa pellet to goats in front yard.

In AM 2 ½  scoops goat feed 1 scoop large alfalfa to the Nursey.

Feed the boys (bucks and weathers)
Next the 2 doe pens
Now the yard goats AND the baby Turkeys



½ scoop game bird pellet to adults in pen

½ scoop game bird crumble to young birds in front yard

Feed the Turkeys.

Collect any Eggs. Snuggle all the animals…


Make sure everyone has water! And let every one off/out when done!


So who wants to come feed for me?

You can ride/drive as much as you want! And snuggle all the animals!



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