Fall Planting Time!

Here in South Central Texas its possible to grow food all year long.  Starting around the middle of September we are able to start planting the fall crops like cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, various lettuces and greens and some herbs.

Here on the farm we have chosen to get ours going.  We’ve amended our sandy loam soil with some of the waste mohair that we collected from our skirting process.  It is suppose to help provide nitrogen to the soil.  Once the garden is planted, we will cover it in decomposing leave and plant matter to sort of mulch and feed the plants.

Unfortunately most people are unable to use the manure from there animals as fertilizer because of the herbicides used in the area on the hay fields.  Many of the hay farmers use herbicides that contain aminopyralid, 2-4-D or glyphosphate which pass through the animals,  you can find more information here: What Makes Tomato Leaves Twist or Curl?.   In order to use the manure it has to be composted for at least 18 to 24 months,  the time it takes for the chemical to completely break down.  But fortunately for us our source doesn’t use any herbicides.  YAY!

Hopefully we’ll have a nice yield and some good home grown food.  Happy Gardening to all of you out there.



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