Spring Garden! What do we do with all these veggies?


This year we got a bit of a late start on our Garden. It was April before anything got planted. So instead of starting everything from seed, we bought seedlings from our local family owned nursery.  We started out with 5 zucchini plants, 6 black beauty eggplants, 24 tomato plants (we knew we wanted to can tomatoes), 6 bell peppers, 6 Tam jalapeno peppers, 6 Serrano peppers and 6 cayenne peppers. Corn and beans were started from seed along with yellow squash, watermelons, cucumbers and some other varieties of tomato’s.


Garden bounty

Garden bounty!

Then a week after planting these… I rescued a couple hundred half dead veggie plants from the dumpster at our local farm store! Brought them home watered them and 95% of them lived! We gave a lot away but also a few found a home in our garden. To put it mildly our garden now looks like a jungle full of yummy food.


There is nothing better than those first fruits! Those first zucchini patiently waiting for them to get big enough to pick, then lovingly washed, sliced and prepared for dinner…. and then very much ENJOYED!

The next day there are 3 more ready, then 5 more ready… then the kitchen counter is covered in ZUCCHINI! IT’S EVERYWHERE! Then here comes the yellow squash… and tomatoes! And eggplant… Why did we plant eggplant? Why did we plant 12 of them?!?! Do we even like eggplant? I have NEVER cooked eggplant!

Yikes it is easy to get overwhelmed quickly.



Using the fruits of your harvest…

We got quite inventive on how to use some of these things! I realized that there will be to many recipes for one post. So Im going to break these up into each veggie!

First up eggplant!


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