My Dream

Have you ever wanted to travel around by horse and wagon or just horse and a pack string?  Going place to place meeting people.  I have!

So how do I make that dream a reality?  What do I have to do to prepare?  What purpose will the travels serve?  Why do I want to do this?  Well I will be writing several posts that will address these questions and others that I haven’t come up with yet.

Two of the questions I can sort of answer now.  For me the purpose is to meet new people and spread the word of God for one,  two is to start by just traveling my local rural area finding those who need God, sharing his word and also to help those who need help with setting up a garden or other farm work, teaching people how to become more self sufficient.

The other question I can answer is why do I want to do this.  Its a way for me to serve God and the body of Christ.  Granted I could just jump in my truck and drive the country side, but a slower journey allows me to see things I might miss.  It gives me time to reflect on the what, how, why of things.

But how to start?  For me it will be with short local trips to get the horses conditioned and myself conditioned.  Then we (me and the family) plan on doing the week long rodeo ride.


My Amish friend John and I using his stallion BonJoy to train my percheron mare Jackie.  John passed away earlier this year. RIP I miss our talks.

So stayed tuned for more later!



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