Farm Rules for Visitors

1. No cigarettes or drugs are allowed on the farm.
2. No alcohol or drunkenness
3. No harming, hitting or rough handling of children or animals
4. No getting on or placing your children on any animal with out permission from Jeff or Devia. If this rule is not followed you will be removed from the property immediately!
5. Please keep your children with you at all times. Children are not allowed in animal pens without an adult. Farm animals can be unpredictable, kicking, biting, butting and jumping are all normal behaviors.
6. Please tread carefully. In our garden you may accidentally step on a plant. Our area is home to many Venomous snakes, mind your feet.
7. Mind the gates! If it is closed leave it closed behind you. If it is open please leave it open.
8. No visitors in the house without an adult member of the family.
9. Under no circumstances is anyone allowed alone with our children or any other child, unless it is your own child. This is cause for immediate removal from our home.
10. Please be respectful of our home, projects and family.
11. Everyone must sign a release of liability form for themselves and their children upon arrival.
12. If asked to leave you will do so immediately! We as the host are not required to give you notice or a grace period.

What to wear and bring.

Suggestions to wear
Long pants
Close toed shoes/boots
Socks! (bring an extra pair!)
Long sleeve cotton shirt (with a tank or tee shirt underneath)

Things to bring
Refillable water bottle/mug with lid
Work gloves
Sun screen