For Sale

Homemade Jellies/Preserves

We have homemade jellies for sale.  Below is a list of our various flavors and costs.  We will ship but buyer pays shipping.

Jelly Cost
Summer Mix (strawberry, melon, cherry, blueberry) 8oz jar $5.00
Strawberry 16 oz Jar $10.00
Pumpkin Butter 16 oz jar $10.00
Vanilla Spice Pear 8oz Jar $5.00
Carrot Cake 8oz Jar $5.00
Fiber Cost
Mohair whole raw fleece 60.00
Prepared Mohair batts. Price per oz 5.00
Mohair locks. Price per oz 4.00
Hand spun Mohair yarn. Price per oz 4.00
Custom dying for hand spun yarn 10.00
Coming Spring 2019! Gulf Coast Native Wool. Whole raw fleece 50.00
Coming Spring 2019! Gulf Coast Native prepared batts. Price per oz 4.00
Coming Summer 2019! Gulf Coast Native hand spun yarn. Price per oz 8.00
Classes and kits Cost
Fiber prep class and kit. See Classes for more information 150.00
Coming soon! Spinning, felting and more…
Coming soon! Canning!
Coming soon! Dairy arts!