Welcome to My Crazy Farm Life

Hafrskegg Hamlet is a small farmstead located near LaVernia Texas (30 miles south of San Antonio). Though our farm is small we try to use everything available, to be as self-sustaining as possible. We have a large garden and grow a lot of fresh vegetables. We raise both Oberhasli and French Alpine dairy goats. A … Continue reading Welcome to My Crazy Farm Life



We have been granted an awesome opportunity to try our hand at Nigoras,  Nigerian x Angora crosses.  We went to get an Angora buck for our herd, since Tex passed away almost 2 years ago.  Helen the lady went got the buck from had 3 Nigora doelings,  that she wasn't able to sell and was … Continue reading Nigoras!


Ball tomato sauce recipe. YOU WILL NEED Tomatoes, cored Citric acid or bottled lemon juice Salt (optional) Dried herbs (optional)  Pint or Quart jars DIRECTIONS Prepare canner, jars and lids Wash and sort tomatoes, removing any bruised or discolored product. Quarter 6 tomatoes and place in a large stainless steel sauce saucepan. Bring to a … Continue reading Tomatoes!

Catch up!

It has been a long while since either of us last posted. Boy has a lot happened. We have almost Moved to TN. Our church was involved in a mass shooting, claiming the lives of 26 of our dear friends and injuring many others. We had a wedding (ours), because life is to short and … Continue reading Catch up!