Welcome to My Crazy Farm Life

Welcome to our adventure in trying to move to a simpler life.  Where we will dive into adventures involving self-sustainable practices and learn to provide most of our basic needs ranging from food to clothing and whatever else we can discover. Join us as we use various methods to preserve our food,  train our horses … Continue reading Welcome to My Crazy Farm Life


Fall Planting Time!

Here in South Central Texas its possible to grow food all year long.  Starting around the middle of September we are able to start planting the fall crops like cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, various lettuces and greens and some herbs. Here on the farm we have chosen to get ours going.  We've amended our sandy … Continue reading Fall Planting Time!


I try to keep an updated list of how to do chores.... Just in case we are out of town, or have to have someone feed in an emergency. I wrote out a chore list. Holy cow I never realized how much there was to it until I saw it written down!   Chores Start … Continue reading Chores!